As Valentine’s Day approaches, everyone is wondering what does CBD can do for sex? The fact is, CBD can have a significant and pleasurable impact on your sex life. These are the benefits of using CBD for sex.

What Does CBD Do For Sex?

While sexual intercourse can be a wonderful experience, it doesn’t come without its difficulties. Some people experience sexual performance anxiety. Others are managing a mental health disorder, which can impact sex drive and libido. Daily stress, career burnout, and erectile dysfunction are also common factors that can be detrimental to pleasure in the bedroom.

We can all agree that sex is fun, but it isn’t always pain-free. It’s estimated that 75% of women experience pain during sex. A variety of medical conditions can be at the root cause of this pain, however, couples can agree that it impacts their ability to connect, affects their levels of intimacy, and overall ability to achieve orgasms.

CBD addresses the mental and physical barriers that are preventing you from having the best sex you’ve ever had. So let’s get down and dirty – this is what CBD does for sex.

Performance Anxiety

The fact is, CBD can increase your confidence in the bedroom. Recent studies suggest that CBD has therapeutic qualities due to its ability to reduce many common symptoms of anxiety.

Whether you have performance anxiety or suffer from a medical condition that impacts your feelings about sex, sex drive, or overall confidence, CBD can help you.

Increases Sexual Pleasure

Inflammation occurs in the body for a variety of reasons. A person’s lifestyle, environment, habits, and even diet can cause an inflammatory response in the body. Research shows that female ovulation cycles can also cause inflammation in the vaginal canal. Unfortunately, inflammation can be the culprit of sex-related pain.

As a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD helps to alleviate pain associated with sex. CBD naturally addresses this pain. Rather than compromising your sex life due to pain, CBD can enhance your sex life.

A Natural Sexual Enhancement

A recent review, published by Remedy Review reports that 68% of people found that CBD improved sex.

CBD becomes a part of the sensual experience. Adopting CBD use in the bedroom benefits both partners. Due to its ability to naturally balance the endocannabinoid system, CBD use makes for a whole-body pleasurable experience.

There are obvious pros to using a natural sexual enhancement. While many pharmaceutical companies have developed over-the-counter sex-enhancing medications, these often come with usually uncomfortable side effects. Who wants an erection for more than 4 hours?

CBD is natural, and has little to no side effects when ingested, vaped, or used topically. This is a natural sexual enhancement that you and your partner can feel confident about using.

Ready to Use CBD in The Bedroom?

It’s now easier than ever to use CBD to boost your sexual pleasure. Infinite CBD has created Big Bang for those seeking the benefits of CBD in your sex life.

Big Bang is a natural CBD lubricant. Apply to toys, the penis, or vagina before penetration for optimal results.