Vaping CBD without PG

What is CBD, why is it used, and how can it be consumed? Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a non-psychoactive, safe, and non-toxic compound that can be used to help treat various health issues. It possesses a wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Aside from CBD’s benefits and versatility, there are different ways to consume it. For example, CBD can be orally and sublingually consumed. This cannabinoid can be topically applied onto the body’s skin. Then, recently, transdermal CBD patches have made a name for themselves.

However, one of the most popular ways to consume CBD is inhaling via vaping or smoking. Specifically, CBD vape products are becoming more well-known and recognized. Although many CBD vape products contain fillers, Infinite CBD’s vape juice product contains CBD isolate without PG fillers. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of Infinite CBD’s vape juice product and how it can help you.

Main Ingredients of CBD Vape Juice & Its Benefits

Nowadays, countless CBD products are being released, especially products that can be vaped. In general, vaping is a convenient, discreet, and healthy way of consuming different cannabinoids. This form of inhalation is much healthier than smoking/combusting various cannabis strains. Unfortunately, though, many CBD vape products contain harmful additives and preservatives. However, Infinite CBD’s vape juice product contains CBD without PG fillers. This product is also free from unnecessary additives.

In addition, the vape juice product contains CBD isolate, different cannabis-derived terpenes, and MCT oil. Fortunately for consumers, the CBD Vape Juice product is free of PG fillers. The product is not just free from PG fillers though. It also uses a VG free formula. As a result, users can enjoy a tasty flavor after consumption without the presence of harsh fillers. Then, the MCT oil that is present in the vape juice product is absorbed by the body as glucose rather than fat. This adds to the other positives the vape juice product contains.

Primary Consumption Method

Normally, there are several CBD consumption methods consumers can choose from. However, the only way this particular product can be consumed is via inhalation. Consumers can fill up their go-to vaporizer or mod with this CBD-infused vape juice and consume it when needed. Not only does this product make for a convenient, discreet, and effective medicine, but it can be consumed nearly anywhere.

Additional Useful Benefits of CBD Vape Juice

Although CBD possesses a plethora of potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits, terpenes are beneficial too. When buying Infinite CBD’s vape juice product, customers can choose which terpene profile they would like to try.

Some of the available terpene profiles include the following: Cheese, Blueberry, Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, Jack Herer, Mango Kush, OG Kush, Strawberry Diesel, and Super Silver Haze.

Additionally, Infinite CBD’s products are all lab-tested including their vape juice product. This ensures that all products are safe for consumption and that they contain no contaminants.

Overall, individuals can reap numerous benefits from CBD and different terpenes, enjoy tasty flavors, and experience much-needed relief after consuming Infinite CBD’s vape juice. If you want to consume an alternative form of medicine that contains CBD without PG fillers, this vape juice product might be for you! Let us know which vape juice terpene profile you would choose and why in the comments below.